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How everything started in Budapest


     As I was sitting in the bedroom of my Grandma as 8, I saw her huge amount of amazing, shiny, glittered, flowered clothes, she brought from far-away countries. I dreamed of being an adult who is able to make all this magical clothes by herself, who can rule the fabric and the sewing machine.

We often went to ballet and theater, and I was amazed by the smell of the costumes on stage, I just wanted to be somehow part of that wonder.

I was so impatient that as 10 asked my grandma to teach me handle her 100 year old Singer sewing machine, and sewing became my first passion.Otherwise I  was always doing some handwork,like clothes, costumes, paintings, self-built stage, furnitures or creating poems, dancing by myself, during my whole childhood. As a lonely child, I had plenty of time to be alone, getting lost in timelessness in my big, messy room. somehow I felt the touch of old times, if I was already doing all these things before in my previous lives.

I just loved everything which was old, included old people: I preferred to spend time with them more, than with my own generation.

So that's how I became a creative adult.

As I always were very curious, I tried how is to have a bar and fashion store in Budapest, and after in Berlin. Right now I am "only" a fashion designer, and I can focus on the thing that I'd like to do the best: clothes.

...and continues in Berlin


      Fair means to me to respect people and their work. I think everyone in this world should work under good circumstances and get enough salary.

Textile industry is one of the most harmful and unfair industry in the world.Every day, week or month the world-mostly far east countries-produce tons of clothes, and most of them become trash after 2 month wearing. I saw a documentary about an Indian village, where the worn clothes are transported, and in a factory people make new fabric out of them.

every time I see something like this, I became sad about the workers who sewed all these clothes for almost nothing, instead of spending their time with their family.

So why do we need all these clothes? Why do we buy low quality stuffs which were made by people, who gets only 2 euros per day?

Because we get used to all of this, we get used to go to stores and buy cheap things.We don't know that someone have paid instead of us. Someone who worked 12-20 hours a day, only for feeding his family.

And we all are responsible for all of that. We could point to rich, evil people who manages big textile fabrics and sells cheap products for us, but this is an evil circle and without us doesn't work.

That's why, because of so many sleepless nights spending with thinking about how could I help the world to be a better place, I thought I will make sustainable, fairtrade clothes in affordable price.