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   As I was eight and sat in the bedroom of my grandma, I was amazed by her wardrobe full of shiny, glittered clothes. She brought them from far-away countries, and I
dreamed about becoming a wizard who can create all this miracle.
She was a charming person and her old house in the hills of Buda was the magic itself. We often went to ballet and theater together, and I was fascinated by the costumes and wanted to be part of that wonder.

When I was ten, I asked my grandma to teach me to use the old sewing machine and dressmaking became my first passion.

During my whole childhood I was always doing some handwork, like paintings, self-built theatre stage or any kind of decoration.

As an
only child, I had plenty of time to be alone. Just loved getting lost in timelessness in my big, messy
room. During these days I felt the touch of old times. Sometimes I had a feeling that I already lived some centuries ago and had a strong connection with costumes. 

As always being very curious, I tried many different things like opening a bar and fashion store in
Budapest called Kék Ló, and some years later the same concept store in Berlin. Lately I started to write, but my passion about fashion never faded away. 

Sustainability means to me respect of nature and people's work. That is why I design upcycled garments. I enjoy the working process with this method and play with the diversity of fabrics and colors. Coincidence and spontaneity inspires me the most. 

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