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The Kék Ló story

“Kék Ló” means blue horse in Hungarian. It’s not only the name of two popular, nicely- designed cafés (in Budapest & in Berlin) but is a concept and lifestyle which was created by the Hungarian designer Virag Toth. She is also the owner and manager of the Vegan Cafe and Upcycling Fashion Store in Berlin.


The first Kék Ló was created also by Virág back in 2010 in Budapest and it has been converted to a concept of a bar and fashion store with experimental music & food. In fact, the café remained part of the family business as Virág’s son took it over when she moved to Berlin a couple of years ago.

Besides vegetarian and vegan food, hot, cold and alcoholic drinks you can also find a nice offer of up-cycled pieces of clothing made by Virág, in both locations. The Kék Ló in Berlin even operates as a fashion store, full of individual pieces that were up-cycled on site by the Hungarian designer. She also offers workshops at her Café in Berlin and reveals her secrets about Vegan Cooking & Baking and Upcycling.

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