Kék Ló Berlin

address: Graefestrasse 65/A 10967, Berlin

tel: +495788328335


open: tue-fri: 12-19 h  sa: 12-18 h mo: closed


Kek Lo Berlin is a vegan cafe and upcycling fashion store located in Kreuzberg, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Berlin. The owner and manager is a Hungarian fashion designer, Virag Toth.

With opening this place back in 2015, her dream came true: she wanted to live in Berlin and open her own cafe and fashion store. The name Kek Lo means blue horse in Hungarian, and comes from her other concept bar in Budapest which is called the same. She opened Kek Lo in Budapest in 2010 as she decided to make something unique and interesting: connect fashion and entertainment! The idea was unique and the store became successful, now his son runs the place in the Hungarian capital while she makes new experiments in Berlin..